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Problem with Level of Chem Needed

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Hope all your study is going well. I've been doing lots of organic chem recently, because I think it's where I have the most to improve. I'm well aware that at the start of each organic chem topic in gold standard it lists a fairly small number of simple things in the memorise part, and even in the understand part it doesn't seem to indicate that much is required of us, that most everything will seemingly be given in the question. And I've been struggling all day long for days now, getting my head around ether reactions, Sn1, Sn2, E1/2, blah blah blah. Complex questions about reaction rates, polar protic solvents, NaH, rating nucleophiles, leaving groups, giving detailed electron transfer reaction schematicsSo my question is this, and it's directed to people who have done gamsat before - how much detail of the chemistry do we actually need to be able to recognise? How much is our hand held through the harder questions (and what can we expect those harder questions to entail?)? To anyone who replies, thanks heaps!! This is my worst subject, was in first year, will be in gamsat. I'll really appreciate any help anyone can give. I'll hate it, but even if you say that it's better to have the knowledge and not need it, then to need it and not have it, at least I'll have checked...

Please help.

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